BPA on testosterone, libido and erections

BPA (and plastics) is something every man should pay attention to…even if his testosterone is normal. More than 90% of the population in Western countries has detectable levels of BPA levels in their urine. And it causes a whole host of issues, not just mess with your hormones. Although BPA can contribute to many conditions, … Read more

Why it’s not wrong to impress other men as a man

Who’s heard this before?… “You’re only doing that to impress other guys.” Sound familiar? Most guys say they do things – build muscle, lose fat, make money, drive a nice car, etc – to impress women. However, they go to, what other men call, “unnecessary extremes”. Meaning, most women would be happy as long as … Read more

4 Free ways to upregulate dopamine receptor

Low dopamine signaling is associated with low motivation, low libido and sexual dysfunction, anhedonia, no creativity, less desire for life, etc. Although these are “suggestions”, I highly recommend doing them on a daily basis or at least a weekly basis, to continually reap the benefits. Sometimes these activities have accumulative effects, so you truly reap … Read more

How vitamin D helps you sleep like a king

Almost every sleep issue you might have is influenced by vitamin D. Restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, non-specific muscle pains, insomnia, etc. If you think of it, vitamin D is most likely involved. I had a bunch of sleep “problems” when my vitamin D was low, which all disappeared when I started getting a lot … Read more

Top 10 Alpha Energy Habits

Everyone has habits, good and bad. Habits can make or break us, take us closer or further from our goals. If one of our goals is life optimization to become an Alpha Energy male, here are 10 habits that need to be in place. #1 Sunlight Just recently I wrote an article on the benefits … Read more

Shedding light on the 1 thing an Alpha Energy Male needs to do more of

There are many beneficial things that are very beneficial to our health and feeling optimal. Have you guessed it yet? This is one of the most fundamental things you can do that will benefit you. And the benefits are endless. Here are a few. Sunlight, androgens and sexual function Sunlight: Specifically, ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure … Read more

Erectile dysfunction Part 3: nitric oxide, oxidative stress and insulin resistance

The cause of ED is rarely because of just one thing, but it’s often multifactorial, with lifestyle, neurologic (neurotransmitters and neural health), hormonal (testosterone, estrogen, DHT, prolactin, etc.), vascular, and psychological factors playing a role. Welcome to part 3 of our erectile dysfunction series, where we’ll discuss nitric oxide, oxidative stress and inflammation and how to … Read more

How to Optimize Sleep for better Life Performance

Sleep, glorious sleep! ♪♪ Who here has a love-hate relationship with sleep? You’d love to get some sleep, but you hate the quality of your sleep. You might struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or experience light unrefreshing sleep. What we want is deep refreshing rejuvenating sleep that feels like a clear crisp morning breeze … Read more

Is anxiety crushing your professional and personal life? Here’s how to control it

Cold sweats, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, butterflies, lightheadedness, restlessness…we all know the symptoms of feeling anxious. It’s like this monster inside of us that threatens to wreak havoc if we give it a little too much permission…a little too much leash. I’m not really a guy that gets anxious, but life is unpredictable and … Read more