Does weed make you horny? The best sex strains

A common theme among marijuana smokers, is that they report feeling hornier when smoking weed and this enhances their sex lives. But is it all placebo? What about people experiencing the opposite, or even getting a limp biscuit (penor) when smoking? Let’s find out… Cannabis, aka: …is full of phytocannabinoids that act on the endocannabinoid … Read more

Does zinc make you hornier? Top libido booster foods

Zinc is an essential mineral for sex hormone production, which is involved in sexual function. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that zinc deficiency affects 31% of the population, with the prevalence rates ranging from 4 to 73 % in various regions of the world population (R). It has been estimated that 30–40% of elderly subjects … Read more

I thought I had high libido…I was delusional

When I was single When I went through high school I had a very high libido. Masturbated daily, often more than once. In college, the same thing, but during this time I started watching porn more often as well. Porn also gives you a “libido boost”. At the end of college, I met my wife … Read more

Crushing the refractory period: Part 1

We as men like to have sex. Some more than others. If your libido isn’t where it used to be or you take forever to recover after a session, then this article is for you. Before I get into the diet, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc., I’m first going to cover a few essential concepts. Libido vs … Read more

How to become hypersexual healthily

Sexuality is very important to humans, for a variety of reasons other than just reproduction. We want to be able to have sex or at least feel like we’re capable. We all have a baseline libido. Some of us want to have sex daily and some of us are content with having sex only once … Read more

Shilajit on testosterone, dopamine and sexual function

TLDR Shilajit at 500mg daily helps to increase total (roughly 100-125ng/dl) and free testosterone (19.14%), improve dopamine and sexual function and enhance exercise performance (or at least act as a potent adaptogen and delay overtraining). SHBG There isn’t any direct research on shilajit and SHBG, but shilajit improves liver function. SHBG is produced in the … Read more

Relieve PSSD down with magnesium

Serotonin promotes stress. Simple as that. Stress is the evil knievel when it comes to health issues. But the worse of all is that we induce it willingly with a drug. Serotonin is a stress hormone. It goes up during stress. And it’s not good in any way. Let’s say you get hurt or are … Read more