How to get a bigger bicep peak: Spider curls

Big biceps look good, but defined and fully developed ones look even better. When striking a double bicep back pose or a side tricep flex (yes, the bicep does compliment this pose) or the side bicep pose, you want that separation between the frontal deltoid and the upper bicep. Without that ‘cut’ there, it may look like you don’t even have a developed frontal delt or even an outstanding bicep. This will leave that part looking rather smooth and flat without the right definition. This is most common with people who do regular or cheating barbell curls. The result is big biceps but lacking in overall development and just not looking as spectacular as it could.

Having a developed frontal delt, but lacking a developed upper bicep will still make your arm have a rather small appearance, smooth and out of proportion.

The best exercise to really bring out that upper-outside part of the bicep is the spider curl.

How to do it:

Get on the preacher curl in reverse. This will have your arms hang down straight, with the vertical pad behind your triceps and your stomach on the slanted side. Grasp the barbell with a little wider than shoulder width grip and use a ‘thumbs under’ grip. This will ensure maximal isolation on the biceps and eliminate forearms slightly. At the bottom of the movement, roll the weight down on your fingers, then roll it back up and curl the weight up under your chin. Contract your biceps maximally before lowering. Don’t let your elbows flare out to the side, but try to keep the elbows slightly closer to each other than your hand placement. The upward movement should be 1-2 seconds, with a 1 second squeeze at the top and 1-2 seconds to lower it back down again. While performing the exercise, focus and visualize where you want the exercise to work and what part of the muscle you want it to bring out.


Do about 12 reps on this exercise. If you fail to do a maximal contraction at the top before you reach 12 reps, stop the exercise and use a lighter weight for the following set in order to reach the 12 reps with good form. Rest no longer than 60 seconds between sets.

Really enjoy the burn on this one and watch your bicep peak grow.

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