Melanotan II vs PT-141: the best peptide for erectile dysfunction

Melanotan 2 vs PT141 Peptides for ED

Melanotan II vs PT-141, which peptide is superior for erectile function? Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction and searching for the best peptides to address this issue? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of Melanotan II and PT-141 in treating erectile dysfunction. Both of these peptides have gained popularity among … Read more

Want great boners without Viagra? Try this stack out for size (pun intended)

You don’t need Viagra to get potent boners. There are great natural alternatives. I serendipitously discovered two supplements that when combined make a very potent boner amplifier and I’d like to share it with you guys. Quick backstory… we (my wife and I) were using GABA for sleep and then we also got taurine (to … Read more

Erectile dysfunction Part 3: nitric oxide, oxidative stress and insulin resistance

The cause of ED is rarely because of just one thing, but it’s often multifactorial, with lifestyle, neurologic (neurotransmitters and neural health), hormonal (testosterone, estrogen, DHT, prolactin, etc.), vascular, and psychological factors playing a role. Welcome to part 3 of our erectile dysfunction series, where we’ll discuss nitric oxide, oxidative stress and inflammation and how to … Read more

Erectile dysfunction Part 2 – which hormones to optimize and how

Testosterone is not the only hormone needed for proper erections. Welcome to part 2 of our erectile dysfunction article series, where we’ll discuss which hormones are beneficial and necessary and which are bad for your cannon function. Part 1 was about how neurotransmitters affect erectile function, so check that out first if you haven’t already. … Read more